22 July 2022


On 21 July, the European Commission published a public consultation on the initiative to revise the Union Customs Code, which will remain open until 14 September. The aim of this consultation is to gather views from a broad range of stakeholders on the state of the customs union and possible reform elements. The input collected will feed into the ongoing preparatory work by the Commission for an integrated package of measures, to be published by the end of the year.

All EU and non-EU citizens and other stakeholders are welcome to contribute to this consultation. Contributions are sought in particular from economic operators in the area of customs (e.g. import/export SMEs, companies, customs brokers, professionals in the trade supply chain, etc.), customs authorities, national authorities in relevant areas (e.g. market surveillance, antifraud, data protection, health and safety compliance, etc.), consumers and academics.

The public consultation is part of the consultation activities on the future reform of the customs union that the Commission is currently carrying out, following the publication of the Wise Persons Group report. A targeted consultation with the members of the DG TAXUD Trade Contact Group will also be made available soon.

Source: European Commission