03 May 2024


On 24 April, the European Parliament in plenary voted in favour of the provisional agreement on the revised Regulation concerning EU guidelines for the development of the trans-European transport network (TEN-T). The new legislation aims to enhance the connectivity of the EU's transportation network, including cross-border roads, railways, bridges, and tunnels.

The co-legislators retained the scope outlined in the Commission's proposal and set clear deadlines for the completion of the three-layered TEN-T network: the core network by 2030, the extended core network by 2040, and the comprehensive network by 2050. The provisional agreement includes provisions for deploying the European rail traffic management system (ERTMS), transitioning to the European standard nominal track gauge, and increasing the number of 740-meter-long freight trains. 

To improve safety and rest conditions for professional truck drivers, safe and secure truck parking areas will be deployed on the core and extended network within an average maximum distance of 150 km. The new rules halt transport infrastructure projects with Russia and Belarus while reinforcing links with Ukraine and Moldova.

The new rules will take effect 20 days after publication in the Official Journal, pending approval by the Council.