02 April 2024

More Money for Transport: EU transport sector calls for a robust transport funding instrument to continue to play its strategic role for Europe

44 European transport organisations, representing the key spectrum of Europe’s transport network, operators and stakeholders, are again joining forces in a campaign to call the Council and the European Parliament for a robust transport funding instrument in the upcoming review of the Multi-Annual Financial Framework.

The transport sector is of strategic importance in responding to Europe’s geostrategic, environmental and capacity challenges. Recent and ongoing crises have proven once again that only with a strong, adaptable and innovative transport sector at its core, Europe will be able to respond effectively to massive disruptions, safeguard its supply chain sovereignty and ensure economic and societal growth and welfare. If Europe is to strengthen its resilience, be a leader in the shift to net-zero and finally, complete the Trans-European Transport Network, it must translate its words into deeds and reflect these ambitions in the new EU budget for transport.

The massive oversubscriptions of the current CEF transport budget underline once again that the ambitions and challenges of the transport sector are high, yet are not met with the necessary EU support. The take-away for European leaders and policymakers should be clear: this is the moment for Europe to reverse the trend of continued underfunding of the transport sector and set the bar high. An even stronger CEF for transport or likewise funding instrument is the best guarantee to deliver high EU added value, foster a level playing field across Europe and enable no regret investments.

“Europe's transport sector is critical for trade, economic growth, and resilience against future disruptions. To propel it towards a sustainable future, we must prioritise substantial investments in decarbonisation, infrastructure adaptation, and enhanced connectivity. As we look to the next political cycle, let's commit to advancing efficient, reliable, and top-tier transport networks across all modes. This entails prioritising cross-border connections, fostering digitalisation, and accelerating the transition to low- and zero-emission mobility. By renewing and amplifying the Connecting Europe Facility in the forthcoming EU budget, we can steer towards a more interconnected, sustainable, and prosperous future for all," said Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT.

The leaflet of the More EU money for Transport coalition is attached and available here.

The campaign leaflet will be officially handed over to Magda Kopczyńska, Director General of DG MOVE during the Connecting Europe Days, on 4 April at 17.30 CET. (Gold Hall – Square Conference Centre, Brussels)