05 July 2024


MEP Peter Liese, the environmental spokesperson for the EPP in the European Parliament has called on the European Commission to delay the implementation of the deforestation regulation. He urges that the transitional period should be used to simplify the bureaucratic aspects of the legislation.

MEP Liese supports the regulation's goals, stating, "We must address global deforestation and take our responsibility seriously. It is unacceptable for areas the size of eleven soccer pitches to fall victim to deforestation per minute.”  However, he criticizes the current form of the regulation as overly bureaucratic, attributing this to the influence of Greens, Social Democrats, Leftists, and French Liberals.

He highlights the difficulties that small farmers worldwide and small forest owners in the EU face with the current regulation. Furthermore, he points out that the European Commission has failed to conduct necessary preparatory work.  MEP Liese also notes significant complaints from third countries, including those aligned with the EU's goal to stop deforestation. Notably, he mentioned a letter from the Biden Administration, dated May 30, urging the Commission to delay the regulation's implementation.  

On 17th of June, CLECAT, together with the EEA, ESC, WSC, OCEAN and CONFIAD also sent a joint industry letter to the European Commission urging for the postponement of the date of application of the Deforestation Regulation, until the full availability and proper functioning, training, testing of the Deforestation Information System can be guaranteed for everyone, and sufficient reasonable time is given to traders and operators to start populating the collected information about their products in such Portal.

More information is available here.