24 June 2022


On 6 July, CLECAT & DG TAXUD are jointly organising a workshop to support freight forwarders to prepare for the new EU customs advance cargo information system. The workshop will be held in Brussels, but participants will also be provided with an opportunity to join online. So far, more than 200 participants registered.

Within less than a year, economic operators including freight forwarders, will need to start declaring pre-arrival security and safety data to the new Import Control System 2.0 (ICS2). If you want to continue to move your goods into the EU, you need to be prepared for ICS2, which is approaching quickly!

The event is open to CLECAT’s national associations and their membership and to interested FIATA members. For more information, please contact the CLECAT Secretariat at info@clecat.org.   

Save the date and take the opportunity to learn directly from DG TAXUD on how to prepare to declare safety and security data in the near future!