01 December 2023


Following the Plenary meeting of the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF) which took place on 29 November, CLECAT also joined the final event of the FEDeRATED project.

The FEDeRATED project is a CEF project established under the umbrella of the DTLF to develop an operational framework for implementing the DTLF federated network of platforms approach. The 15 FEDeRATED partners worked 5 years to get this done, involving over 200 logistic operators and public authorities in the EU and third countries.

The event showcased the collaborative endeavours of the 15 partners in the FEDeRATED project across six EU member states: Finland, Italy, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, and Sweden. These partners shared the results of years of work promoting real time logistics data sharing across 15 countries since the project's initiation in 2019.  DG MOVE was present to speak about the EU policy developments, eFTI implementation and the new DTLF which will be announced soon.  In the afternoon the various projects were also demonstrated in side events, some with a special emphasis on semantics and technical interoperability, others which focused more on stakeholder engagement and greenhouse emission monitoring.

Nicolette van der Jagt, Director General of CLECAT, congratulated the achievements of the FEDeRATED Project, emphasising that the collaborative efforts showcased in all the presented projects are crucial for achieving digitalisation in the logistics sector.

For more information about the FEDeRATED Project, visit their website here.