08 March 2024


On 1 March, Rapporteur Massimiliano Salini MEP (EPP, Italy) published a working document on the Commission’s proposal on the revision of the Combined Transport Directive. The document outlines policy directions for the next Parliament and includes the Rapporteur's comments and recommendations on the proposal. It will be up to the TRAN Committee in the next Parliamentary term to draft a Report on the proposal.

CLECAT welcomes the working document reflecting many points raised in its position paper including the need for further evaluation and clarification on the definition of combined transport and the underlying methodology as regard the 40% threshold of external cost reduction. The Rapporteur emphasised that e-FTI platforms need to be employed only when fully available and operational in Europe to avoid potential technical and implementation issues. CLECAT shares the concerns on the practicability of the definition in daily operations. Also, it would be challenging to introduce new legislation when there is a risk that eFTI platforms are not available in every Member State.