15 September 2023


On 13 September, the European Parliament in plenary approved the trilogue agreement on the RefuelEU Aviation Initiative with a large majority. The agreement, reached in April, is a significant step towards achieving the EU's climate targets and providing clarity to stakeholders on the future of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

Under the agreement, a minimum of SAF will be made available at EU airports to reduce emissions, and to enable the EU to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. From 2025, at least 2% of aviation fuels will be SAF, with the percentage increasing every five years until it reaches 70% in 2050. The term SAF will include synthetic fuels, certain biofuels produced from agricultural or forestry residues, algae, bio-waste, used cooking oil or certain animal fats, and recycled jet fuels produced from waste gases and waste plastic.

Now, the agreement will have to be approved by the Council Committee of Permanent Representatives and the Council as a whole, after which it will be officially published in the EU's Official Journal.