12 May 2023


On 9 May, the European Parliament in plenary adopted a resolution urging a shift to sustainable transport in cities, stressing that urban mobility is crucial to people's quality of life and the functioning of the economy. MEPs noted that supporting the use of zero and low emission urban mobility solutions will boost competition in providing better, healthier, more valuable, inclusive, efficient, and affordable solutions for citizens. 

The Rapporteur, MEP Andrey Novakov, hosted last December a breakfast event of the European Logistics Platform on the opportunity for collaboration and innovation between cities and freight transport logistics operators. On that day, Mr Novakov noted that city freight transport and logistics are essential to the functioning of urban economies and that the COVID pandemic had exacerbated the challenges being faced by urban mobility, alongside the demands of growing e-commerce deliveries.

The resolution adopted in Strasbourg highlights the significance of efficient freight movement and logistics in urban areas for economic functioning. It urges an increase in the use of sustainable transport modes, such as rail and inland waterways, along with the integration of multimodal freight terminals in the urban transport system. On top of that, it emphasises the importance of sustainable urban logistics plans and the adoption of zero- and low-emission fleets for city freight transport. Lastly, it takes note of the different policy measures being implemented by local authorities to curb air and noise pollution and congestion in cities, such as low emission zones and targeted delivery windows for freight.

Source: European Parliament