10 September 2021


On 8 September, the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) announced the creation of the “SecureSME Tool”, a practical and user-friendly tool facilitating SMEs to navigate to ENISA’s tips, guidelines and recommendations. The tool was presented within the framework of the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC 2021) in Lille, France.

The “SecureSME’’ tool is a one-stop shop for European SMEs, which provides related cybersecurity recommendations, guidelines and tips in a simplistic and user-friendly manner. The goal of the tool is to support those businesses in securing their ICT services and infrastructure from cyberattacks and ensure business continuity. The tool encompasses, inter alia, cyber tips that include instructions on how to protect employees, enhance processes, strengthen technical measures, and overcome COVID-19 issues, as well as videos and guidelines in relation to SME cybersecurity published by ENISA and Member States’ National Authorities.

Concerning cybersecurity efforts, CLECAT would also like to raise again attention to the Transport Cybersecurity Toolkit, a repository of tips and recommended practices to enhance cybersecurity and cyber-resilience in the transport sector, which was published by the European Commission in December 2020.  The toolkit, which has been discussed in its draft stages by the CLECAT Security Institute, contains basic information on the main cyberthreats and consequences, good practices of cyber-hygiene, general principles and guidance for generic transport staff. Additionally, it contains specific principles and guidance for staff in civil aviation, maritime, rail and road according to their operational needs and exposures to risk.