14 January 2022


On 13 January, the European Commission published the draft Delegated Act on Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs), in the remit of the Driving and Rest Times Regulation, for public review until 10 February.

CLECAT has been an active member of the SSTPA Expert Group and strongly supports the EU SSTPA standard, to which it has contributed significantly during the drafting process. A harmonised EU Standard, containing clear and unambiguous rules on security, safety and comfort levels, will be key to successfully address the current shortcomings and will be the best way forward for Europe, to improve driver’s security and working conditions. The EU SSTPA standard will enhance transparency, build trust and facilitate private sector investments for SSTPAs, as they will be eligible to CEF funding, provided they fulfil the EU SSTPA Standards. 

CLECAT has a keen interest in advancing the standards for safe and secure truck parking areas in Europe, and highly welcomes the publication of the draft delegated act on SSTPAs as the first major step towards ensuring the availability of safe, secure and high-quality parking areas for truck drivers.