16 September 2022


On 13 September, the European Commission has selected 24 projects to receive EU funding to set up alternative fuels infrastructure. Under the second cut-off date of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF) call for proposals, which closed on 7 June 2022, 24 projects were selected for a total EU grant support of EUR 292.5 million.

The projects cover 23 Member states and range from the installation of electric recharging stations along the European TEN-T road network to the deployment of hydrogen refuelling stations for cars, trucks and buses and the electrification of ground handling services in airports. The investment will translate into approximately 5,700 charging points in around 1,400 charging stations, plus some 57 hydrogen refuelling stations along the TEN-T network – all within the next 3 years.

The AFIF combines grants from the Connecting Europe Facility with support from financial institutions to increase the impact of the investment. As such, the support is systematically coupled with loan or investment facility. The AFIF call remains open with further cut-off dates at regular intervals until 19 September 2023. The next cut-off date is 10 November 2022.

Source: CINEA