15 July 2022


Following the global logistic disruption caused by COVID-19, some Third Country Operator (TCO) authorisation holders were granted exemptions, issued by their competent authorities, that allow for the transportation of cargo in the passenger cabin of large aeroplanes. Based on the issued exemptions and a review of the related documentation, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) did not object to this kind of operation to support the transportation of medical supplies and other important goods into, within, or out of EU territories as efficiently as possible.

After reviewing the operational context for transport of cargo in passenger cabins, EASA concluded that the logistical challenges that arose in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis, no longer exist to the same extent. Therefore, with the increasing traffic, cargo capacity in the holds of passenger aircraft is expected to increase by summer 2022, thus reducing the pressure on the logistic chain.

Under the current circumstances, EASA decided that non-objections granted to TCO authorisation holders for cargo transportation in the passenger cabin will no longer be valid after 31 July 2022. After 31 July 2022, as a matter of demonstrated urgent need for medical supply transportation only in the passenger cabin, operators may exceptionally consider applying for a new EASA non-objection.

Source: EASA