03 December 2021


The European Commission has launched a new Customs Risk Management System (CRMS2) to reinforce the EU’s customs controls, and protect EU citizens and businesses, as well as the EU’s financial interests. The new CRMS2 will officially start operating on 1 January 2022.

The CRMS2 facilitates the real-time exchange of risk-related information between customs administrations. This covers a broad range of possible risks, such as security risks related to explosives, safety risks related to health, the environment or product safety, financial and commercial risks including intellectual property rights and cash controls. The exchange of information has proven particularly useful during the COVID-19 pandemic, when large quantities of medical goods need to be swiftly checked and cleared for use.

CRMS2 connects the customs community from the EU’s 27 Member States and, for example, Norway. This includes all international ports, airports, major land border posts and all national risk analysis centres. In total, roughly 900 customs offices and national centres and 6,500 customs officers and risk experts are connected to CRMS2, covering all parts of the EU external border. 

Source: European Commission