09 April 2024


On 8 April, CLECAT's Supply Chain Security Institute met to discuss legislative and non-legislative developments in the area of land transport, aviation and cybersecurity.

Members had an exchange of views on the ongoing Commission study regarding the availability of suitable rest facilities and secure parking for professional drivers, as well as the development of safe parking facilities in the EU. The Institute reiterated its commitment to contribute to the study by providing data and information to ensure that new Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs) are established in areas with the highest risk of cargo theft in Europe.

The Secretariat provided updates on both ICS2 Release 2 and Release 3. On ICS2 Release 2, the institute emphasised the urgent need for Member States to enhance the responsiveness and support capabilities of their national ICS2 Help Desks. Challenges and significant delays have been reported in the past months due to the limited availability of national ICS2 Help Desks, which are disrupting the global supply chain in a time of ongoing geopolitical crises. Regarding ICS2 Release 3, members discussed strategies to ensure that freight forwarders enhance service reliability, prevent disruptions while safeguarding confidential business information from other parties.

Lastly, the Secretariat reported on the ongoing work in drafting the priorities for the next Parliament and Commission related to supply chain security issues.