10 February 2023


The CLECAT Road Logistics Institute met on 8 February to exchange views on developments affecting road transport and logistics at national and EU level. Members discussed the issues related to the decarbonisation of road freight transport, shortage of drivers, as well as the revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive.

Members first exchanged on the upcoming Commission proposal on the revision of the CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles, which is expected to be published on 14 February, and started the preparation for a policy response to the proposal, in line with the position paper published in November last year. Members also discussed the opportunity of the revision of the Driving License Directive as a possible solution to alleviate the shortage of drivers. The Secretariat is currently finalising a position paper on the revision of the Directive, expected on 1st March.

Members also discussed the latest developments with regards to the upcoming revision of the Weights and Dimensions Directive, for which CLECAT had published a position paper, and will continue to promote its position towards policymakers and stakeholders, before the expected adoption of the Commission proposal in June as part of the “Greening Freight” Package. CLECAT will also organise a conference dedicated to High-Capacity Transport at T+L Munich on 9 May.

Finally, members took note of the latest policy developments regarding the Fit for 55 Package, namely the deal reached between the Parliament and the Council on ETS 2, and the ongoing trilogue negotiations on AFIR. As no earmarking of ETS revenues for the road freight sector was retained in the agreement on ETS 2, CLECAT and its members will call on national government to dedicate to dedicate a fair share of ETS 2 revenues towards the decarbonisation of road freight transport.