08 July 2022


On 6 July, CLECAT & DG TAXUD held a joint workshop on the new Import Control System 2.0 (ICS2), organised to support freight forwarders to prepare for the new EU customs advance cargo information system. More than 170 participants joined the event in Brussels and online and actively exchanged directly with the Commission on various aspects of the upcoming requirements and processes, and issues encountered during companies’ ongoing preparations.

Opening the event, CLECAT presented the state of readiness of freight forwarders and issues encountered during their preparations, followed by a presentation by the Commission on the policy objectives of ICS2, envisaged impacts on freight forwarders, as well as the progress of the planning and implementation of ICS2.

The workshop discussed in detail ICS2 Release 2 for Air Cargo General, starting on 1 March 2023, which will require freight forwarders and air carriers in charge of sending, receiving and organising logistics and transportation of goods into or through the EU by air traffic to adapt to changes in the EU pre-arrival and entry requirements and report necessary advance electronic data to the ICS2. The session addressed the overall functioning and the high-level Business Process Modelling (BPM), including filing options for freight forwarders, referrals and risk analysis, the respective data requirements, and the relationship with other customs procedures.

The third session was dedicated to ICS2 Release 3 for Maritime, Rail & Road, which will start on 1 March 2024, addressing the overall functioning and high-level Business Process Modelling (BPM), including filing options for freight forwarders, as well as the transition strategy from Release 2 to Release 3. The Commission also presented its ongoing communication campaign on ICS2 Release 2 and efforts towards raising global awareness and ensuring that impacted EU and non-EU economic operators will be ready on time.

CLECAT will continue to support members with their ongoing preparations for ICS2 Release 2 and Release 3 by providing advice and addressing any issues members raise directly to DG TAXUD, as well as sharing all relevant information and documentation.

More information on ICS2 is available on the Commission’s dedicated webpage, as well as on the Commission’s publicly accessible database with operational and technical documentation concerning Release 2 and Release 3. Please note that the Commission also recently published two factsheets, one focusing on what Economic Operators, that are directly affected by the second release, need to do to get their IT systems ready in time. Please note that the Commission also recently published two factsheets with detailed information on the following: