09 July 2021


CLECAT has issued a position paper on the European Commission’s proposal for EU Single Window Environment for Customs, welcoming the initiative as a significant step forward for the EU Customs Union and Internal Market. Over the last couple of months, CLECAT had the opportunity to provide input to the European Parliament’s IMCO Committee’s preparatory work on the draft proposal. The paper aims to further inform MEPs on the upcoming consideration of the proposed amendments to the draft regulation in the IMCO Committee, which will take place on 12 July.

CLECAT is convinced that, if effectively implemented, an EU-wide Single Window solution has the potential to address the existing fragmented model of regulatory compliance and lack of coordination between border authorities. An EU Single Window environment should allow for the streamlining of exchanges of information and customs controls and ultimately facilitate trade with simplified processes, time saving, faster clearance and reduced administrative burden. CLECAT further outlines several important observations and recommendations for proper and meaningful implementation.

G2G cooperation is the most essential aspect of the EU Single Window Environment for Customs. It will improve the customs clearance process in terms of efficiency, by allowing for the automatic verification by customs of supporting documents. It will allow for better coordination of controls between customs and other border agencies, leading to faster clearance and less delays. It is pertinent to ensure the highest level of ambition with regards to the EU non-customs formalities covered within the scope of the G2G cooperation to maximise efficiency and facilitation. CLECAT also highlights the importance of regular monitoring and evaluation of the progress of implementation of the G2G connection, ensuring its uniform and effective application across the EU.

The full position paper is available here.