24 June 2022


The European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) has published the 2022 Report on Railway Safety and Interoperability in the EU. The biennial report highlights progress with railway safety and interoperability in the EU and allows an in-depth understanding of the European railways situation and its evolution over time. The data contained in the report can be used to identify areas for improvement towards reaching a more efficient and effective railway system: the Single European Railway Area.

According to the report, progress has been made in improving the interoperability of railways in Europe, however, this is still a long way from reaching the targets set in many areas. Although sound progress can be seen in aligning operational frameworks in terms of rules, only modest improvements are visible in making the railway assets interoperable. As a consequence, railways have been unable to increase their modal share in the transportation mix in the past decade, despite being a sustainable mode of transport.

The report also presents new indicators for monitoring cross-border rail traffic volumes, transfer time and punctuality at border sections, which may provide an indication on the seamlessness of international rail connections.

Source: European Union Agency for Railways