05 June 2018

Transport and logistics sector welcomes EP TRAN's decision to keep international drivers out of posting regime

Brussels, 5 June 2018 – The under-signed associations represent the logistics industry whose customers strongly depend on an effective, seamless and reliable road transport sector in Europe.

The European Parliament’s Transport & Tourism Committee adopted yesterday the one and only sensible approach for dealing with international road transport operations, which is to exempt drivers engaging in these operations from any posting regime.

The industry welcomes this approach, since it is the only way to keep rules on international transport simple, uniform, clear and easily enforceable, so that they facilitate transport operations, protect the workers employed in this industry and ensure a fair competitive environment.

Now that the European Parliament’s transport experts have made a straightforward decision, the signatories of this statement would like to urge all MEPs as well as the Council to follow suit and confirm as soon as possible that international road transport activities cannot made subject to posting of workers rules. The signatories consider it crucial that an agreement is struck before the European elections in 2019, to prevent the continued imposition of national posting regimes.

Excluding international road transport from posting rules:

  • confirms the importance of the internal market  for transport;

  • recognises the transnational character of road transport activities;

  • helps enforcement by national authorities who should focus their attention on fighting illegal practices in road freight transport (such as nomadic drivers);

  • brings clear benefits to SMEs in the road freight transport and logistics sector as they would otherwise be faced with a disproportionate administrative burden on the large intra-EU trade;

  • supports growth in the EU, as international transport is key for the EU’s competitiveness and for EU citizens who have the right to benefit from competitive transport providers which are not hindered by unenforceable and disproportionate legislation.

CLECAT - European Association for Forwarding, Transport, Logistics and Customs Services 
EEA - European Express Association
FIATA - International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations