03 April 2019

Industry Urges MEPs to Keep International Drivers Out of Posting Regime

The upcoming vote on the report by Ms Kyllönnen on the posting of workers in road freight transport is the last chance this Parliament can create a true internal market for road transport through better enforcement of social rules and increased efficiency in transport.

We therefore call on MEPs across all political groups to adopt any provisions that would enable the full exclusion of international transport operations from posting of workers rules. Full exclusion would also underpin the sector’s CO2 reduction efforts by allowing carriers to avoid making empty runs, allowing full truck-loads leaving and returning to the Member State of establishment irrespective of whether it is a bilateral transport or a cross-trade operation.

The under-signed organisations representing freight forwarders and express carriers urge MEPs to exclude international operations from a lex specialis in view of its adverse consequences for road transport on the European economy and trade at large. Excluding international transport operations from posting of workers rules will support effective, seamless and reliable road transport operations connecting citizens and businesses alike in the periphery and the centre of Europe with each other.