05 January 2012

Final DiSCwise Conference

The European transport and logistics sector is one of the key businesses in Europe. Millions of daily operations and thousands of companies secure the employment of over five million people in Europe. Assuring the expert integration of these functions is the cornerstone in EU transport and enterprise policy and the basis for the competitiveness of EU trade. The absence of shared processes, a common language and universal standards impedes interoperable patterns in a sector that is naturally built as a collaborative environment. This shows that the appetite for a shared and well trimmed IT based business language is growing both in the logistics sector and the international trade in general.

Use of a Common Framework for ICT in Transport & Logistics

DiSCwise uses a ‘Common Framework’ which is a framework for interoperability. It consists of roles, business processes, ontology and messages to support interoperability in the main logistics processes, providing the information infrastructure to support mode-independent transport planning, compliance, cargo consolidation and visibility. This means simplification, mode integration, more collaboration among SC business partners and authorities, new skills and, in the end,  more competitiveness in logistics.

Who should take part in the conference?

The final DiSCwise Conference is organised for all transport and logistics managers, shippers, freight forwarders, logistics service providers and their customers, 3PL’s, 4PL’s, retailers, manufacturers and anyone who has an interest in efficient logistics.

The conference has a strategic scope and a networking formula; it is therefore well placed to address the questions of managers, directors and CEO’s of

  • Logistics companies
  • Supply chain operators
  • IT vendors in logistics

Participation is for free and registrations are now open. Don't hesitate and register for this important conference with various high level speakers from companies, organisations and decision-makers.

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