11 October 2012

5th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL '12)

Ecitl Logo SW 5TH ECITLThe 5th European Conference on ICT for transport logistics will be held from November 7th-9th, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

During the conference, iCargo and other EU-funded projects dealing with topics in transport logistics like e-Freight, CO3 and Cassandra will offer their point of view about different aspects in the field. The target audience includes everybody involved in logistics planning and operations, e.g., logistics operators, shippers, industry, infrastructure providers and authorities.

CLECAT is partner in the iCargo project which aims at advancing and extending the use of ICT to support new logistics services that:

  • Synchronize vehicle movements and logistics operations across various modes and actors to lower CO2 emissions
  • Adapt to changing conditions through dynamic planning methods involving intelligent cargo, vehicle and infrastructure systems
  • Combine services, resources and information from different stakeholders, taking part in an open freight management ecosystem.