08 March 2024


On 5 March, the Commission proposed to extend the road transport agreements with Ukraine and Moldova. These agreements grant bilateral transport rights to Ukrainian, Moldovan and EU hauliers in each other’s territories. On the same day, the Commission expressed its intention to update the EU-Ukraine agreement.

The road transport agreements, initially signed in June 2022 and then extended until June 2024, are now suggested to be prolonged until at least the end of 2025. This extension aims to ensure and secure the supply chains of the two countries, which have been affected by Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, resulting in the unavailability of the Black Sea as a trade route.

Regarding the EU-Ukraine agreement, after consultations with Member States, Ukraine and stakeholders, the Commission decided to maintain the same scope but proposed to update it to facilitates its implementation and enforcement by Member States. The proposed changes would mandate the carrying of documents showing that a transport operator is duly authorised to perform international carriage. Additionally, specific documents certifying that an unladen operation is directly linked to transit or bilateral operations would be required. In addition, to accommodate the growing concerns of some neighbouring countries with regards to the liberalisation of the market between EU and Ukrainian hauliers, the Commission proposes to add a safeguard clause which can see the agreement suspended in a specific area if a major disturbance occurs and can be attributed to the Agreement.

Once the Council has given the Commission the mandates to negotiate, the Commission will formally enter discussions with Ukraine and Moldova

Source: European Commission