03 March 2023


On 27 February, CEO Oleksandr Kamyshin resigned from Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways – UZ) to dedicate full time on the opening of its European freight branch, which it was announced just a few days before.  Since 24 February 2022, Mr Kamyshin kept the Ukrainian Railways running up, showing resilience and punctuality during one the most challenging year of its history, both for freight and passenger trains. However, after some months of rail freight services between Ukraine and its western neighbours, he stressed the difficulties face by Ukrainian carriers when working with their European counterparts.  That is why last week, the state-owned company announced its willingness to establish, by end of 2023, a rail freight branch dedicated to cargo transport in Europe. The decision will require Ukrzaliznytsia to acquire a European license and registration, building a whole team from scratch and buy a new rolling stock. Mr Kamushin commented to the Ukrainian news agency Interfax-Ukraine that himself and his team ‘’are doing everything to make-it true’’.

Source: Railfreight.com