07 June 2024


The consortium between ESPORG, Panteia and TIS conducting the study funded by the European Commission on the availability and the deployment of Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs) in the EU recently launched a survey to gather information and experience from users of truck parking areas.

The survey is available in 9 languages, (English, German, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Italian, French, Bulgarian and Dutch), and is divided into four categories - truck drivers, coach operators, light commercial vehicles operators and transport operators - with specific questions for each type of SSTPA users.

CLECAT invites freight forwarders who make use of such parking areas as well as truck drivers to respond to the survey in order to collect as much as possible data to feed the study. Your feedback will play a significant role in helping the consortium understand the current situation better and to identify areas where improvements can be made as well as developing effective solutions to enhance the well-being and safety of professional drivers across Europe.

For any additional information, please contact meetings@eu-study.eu.