02 September 2022


On 29 August, the European Commission published a call for evidence on the review of the EU Slots Regulation and launched a public consultation, which will remain open until 21 November. The objective of the review is to achieve fair access to, and efficient use of, airport capacity to ensure competition and enhance connectivity within, to or from the EU.

In its call for evidence, the Commission acknowledges that the current rules are not sufficiently effective to optimise the use of scarce airport capacity and sets forth four main problems that should be addressed through a revision. The review foresees measures to address the shortcomings, including the provision of a suitable regulatory framework, improving the institutional set-up and implementation, as well as resilience.

CLECAT agrees that the current framework for the allocation of slots at EU airports is not adequate to address the continuously increasing congestion at EU Airports and does not effectively address the needs of the air cargo industry. The members of CLECAT are responsible for handling 95% of all air cargo and are, as such, the vital link between exporters/importers of goods and transport operators, such as air carriers. CLECAT members have a keen interest in a modern, innovative air freight sector which guarantees choice, quality, connectivity, transparency and fair competition. To that end, CLECAT’s Air Freight Institute is preparing its input to the public consultation and is looking forward to supporting the Commission throughout the targeted stakeholder consultation.