02 September 2022


Shipping analyst Alphaliner released at the end of August figures on global trade deployment, highlighting that ship capacity has been redeployed to the most profitable routes, at the expenses of certain connections, especially intra-European routes.

Despite a year-on-year cellular fleet growth of 3.8% as of 1st August 2022, three trades have shown a significant reduction over the past 12 months, according to Alphaliner. The intra-Europe trade was the worst hit as the total capacity of cellular ships deployed in dedicated intra-European services was down 14.2% on 1st August compared to last year. This drop corresponds to a ship capacity of almost 150,000 TEU being withdrawn from intra-European routes.

Equally, this phenomenon has been highlighted by MDS Transmodal in the ITF report on the performance of maritime logistics: An assessment of the development of container shipping schedules shows that this direct liner connectivity has decreased in particular in Latin America (where 35 countries were confronted with drops in direct connections), in Europe (reductions for 26 countries) and sub-Saharan Africa (reductions for 26 countries). France and Italy are among the countries with particularly large drops in direct connectivity.

Source: ShippingWatch, Splash247.com