26 January 2024


Today marks International Customs Day, celebrated globally on January 26th. This day honours the crucial role of customs administrations in shaping international trade, ensuring border security, and promoting economic growth. Each year, International Customs Day focuses on a theme reflecting current challenges and opportunities in the customs sector. This year's theme, "Customs engaging traditional and new partners with purpose," underscores the need for collaborative efforts in addressing modern customs challenges.

The origins of International Customs Day date back to 1952 with the formation of the Customs Cooperation Council (CCC), now the World Customs Organization (WCO). On January 26, 1953, in Brussels, the CCC designated this date to acknowledge the importance of global collaboration in customs affairs.

On the occasion of the International Customs Day members of the Trade Contact Group including CLECAT issued a joint statement Joint Communique by Members of the Trade Contact Group advising DG TAXUD that the success of all its important initiatives is highly dependent on the amount and the quality of trade involvement prior to adoption and implementation. As such, trade consultation proves to be more critical than ever so that legislation can be implemented successfully and meet its objectives. Collaboration with the trade community is the common denominator to ensure effective customs legislation, well-functioning IT systems, and the achievement of customs' goals for a safe, prosperous, and inclusive future.