03 March 2023


On 1 March, the second release of the European Union’s customs pre-arrival security and safety programme – Import Control System 2 (ICS2) –went live. The new advance cargo information and risk management platform will further improve protection against security and safety threats from goods entering the EU.

All Member States plus Norway, Switzerland and Northern Ireland, unless they were granted a derogation, started ICS2 Release 2 operations on 1 March. From now on, all goods transported by air in postal, express and general cargo consignments will be subject, in addition to pre-loading filing requirements, to complete pre-arrival ENS data requirements. Whilst the obligation to file lies with the carrier, CLECAT has ensured that the possibility for multiple filing is implemented, allowing the freight forwarder to provide the necessary House-level data to ICS2 without disclosing the data to the carrier.

CLECAT will continue its cooperation with the European Commission and stakeholders involved, as well as assistance to member freight forwarders, to ensure a successful rollout of ICS2 Release 2 for aviation, as well as Release 3 affecting the road, rail, and maritime sector in March 2024.

All publicly available information related to ICS2 Release 2 can be found on the European Commission’s Circa website.

Source: DG TAXUD