19 April 2024


DG TAXUD has updated its website advise to economic operators in view of the go live dates for ITCS Release 3 for maritime. It notes new go-live dates and provides advice to economic operators.  

Economic operators carrying goods by sea, inland waterways, road and rail will have to submit a complete Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) dataset to ICS2. This includes postal and express carriers who transport goods using these modes of transport as well as other parties, such as logistic providers issuing transport documents to their clients, and in certain circumstances also final consignees established in the EU, will have to submit ENS data to ICS2.   Some economic operators may not be ready to start the ENS filing with ICS2 Release 3 on their respective go-live date:  

  • 3 June 2024: maritime and inland waterways carriers 
  • 4 December 2024: maritime and inland waterways house level filers 
  • 1 April 2025: road and rail carriers 

Economic Operators are strongly advised to contact the National Service Desk of the EU Member State National Customs Authority where their EORI number is registered to request a deployment window at least one month before the go-live date scheduled for their transport mode. The deployment window is not applicable by default (without a request issued by the economic operator). 

Deployment window(s) can be granted to economic operators for the period of time defined in the UCC Work Programme and considering their role(s) in the ICS2 business process and transport mode. Further information about the procedure of granting a deployment window can be found in the ICS2 Release 3 Go-Live procedure for Economic Operators document.

The economic operators already connected to ICS2 R2 are not impacted by the transition to R3 since there are no changes to the messages or any other functionalities.

For operators that start filing Release 3 ENS filings: all cargo transported by maritime, rail and road mode of transport is currently covered by an ENS filed in ICS. Until the economic operators, transporting this cargo connect to ICS2, they need to continue filing their ENSs to ICS.

Source: DG TAXUD