01 October 2021


On 29 September, the EU extended the COVID-19 vaccines export transparency and authorisation mechanism until 31 December. The purpose of the vaccines export transparency and authorisation mechanism is to secure deliveries of vaccines to Europeans in line with companies’ contractual obligations. The Commission does not intend to propose a further extension of this mechanism.

The Commission notes that the EU’s vaccination campaign is still ongoing, and uncertainties remain, in particular with the emergence of new variants of the COVID-19 virus. There is therefore a continuing need for transparency of export deliveries and Union supplies. Over the next three months, the Commission will work on arrangements to establish a monitoring mechanism that will provide company-specific and timely vaccine export data once the current scheme expires, from 1 January 2022. Such system will allow the EU to continue to have transparency on vaccine exports, outside any mandatory export authorisation mechanism.

Source and more information: European Commission