03 March 2023


On 25 February, in response to Russia’s continuing war of aggression against Ukraine, the Council adopted a tenth package of sanctions. The agreed package, which was approved on the anniversary of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, includes a series of measures intended to hit hard Russian economy and abilities to continue its aggression.

The Council decision imposes new restrictive measures on an additional 87 individuals and 34 entities, including key decision makers, military and defence sector, economic actors and proxy authorities such as the so-called prosecutors in the four illegally annexed Ukrainian regions. On top of that, further export bans worth €11.4 billion were imposed on heavy trucks and semitrailers, military equipment, construction goods and goods critical for industrial activities such as electronics. The package also imposes import bans worth €1.3 billion on bitumen and related materials such as asphalt, synthetic rubber and carbon blacks.

The package was also designed to cut off more Russian banks from the global system SWIFT and to cut trade between the EU and Russia by more than €10 billion. The European Council reiterated its resolute condemnation of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, as it violates the UN Charter and has brought immense suffering upon Ukraine and its people.

Source: Council of the EU