22 April 2022


On 19 April, the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism (TRAN) Committee discussed the amendments tabled on the ReFuelEU Aviation proposal. The Rapporteur on the file, MEP Søren Gade (Renew Europe, Denmark), noted that more than 400 amendments have been tabled by MEPs, with different positions existing under several points, namely the definition of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs), feedstocks, scope and the book and claim mechanism. He emphasised that overall, the TRAN report on ReFuelEU Aviation would be more ambitious than the Commission’s proposal.

A limited number of MEPs supported amendments that would allow Member States to set higher targets, with the Rapporteur cautioning that this would risk rising the price of SAFs without increasing the production.  MEPs also discussed amendments calling for a higher blending mandate.

During the discussion, several MEPs argued for a broader definition of SAFs, measures to incentivise the industry to develop SAFs and new engines, as well as to ensure harmonisation and connectivity. Some MEPs called for 100% use of SAFs by 2050 (in line with the discussion in the ENVI Committee), proposed the expansion of the scope to private aviation and non-CO2 emissions, and warned for the risk of fraud of cooking oil. The vote on the report in the TRAN Committee will take place on 15 June.