19 April 2024


Last week, the European Parliament adopted in Plenary session its position on several transport files, including CountEmissions EU and CO2 standards for HDVs.

MEPs adopted their position at first reading on CountEmissions EU, adopting all amendments from the TRAN-ENVI report. MEPs chose to retain the main aspects of the Commission proposal, including the voluntary opt-in, the methodology set out by the ISO 140843 standard and the possibility to use secondary data for SMEs as well as data sources and default values from third-party providers.

Ahead of the vote, CLECAT issued a joint statement co-signed by ACEA, ECG and ESC calling on MEPs to reject the amendments tabled by some MEPs requesting the Commission to adopt a delegated act establishing the methodology for life-cycle emissions 24 months after the legislative text comes into force. These amendments have been rejected by the Parliament which is welcomed by CLECAT. However, the Parliament's position still raises some concerns over the following points:

  • MEPs maintained an amendment requesting the Commission to draw up a report setting out the methodology to calculate life-cycle emissions.
  • The use of primary data would be mandatory, expect for SMEs, notably in case of subcontracting to larger companies.

The trilogues with the Council which adopted its general approach in December 2023 will start after the European elections. CLECAT will continue its advocacy initiatives to ensure CountEmissions EU becomes a practical framework to help companies in calculating and reporting GHG emission of their transport services.

During this Plenary session, MEPs also formally endorsed the trilogue agreement reached with the Council on the revision of the CO2 standards for Heavy-Duty Vehicles (HDVs). No new amendments have been adopted, concluding the first reading of the Parliament. The Council needs to formally approve the text in the next days/weeks before its publication in the Official Journal of the EU. CLECAT welcomes the vote.

Source: European Parliament