12 May 2023


On 4 May, the European Commission adopted a proposal amending the Eurovignette Directive to take into account the effect of trailers on the CO2 emissions of heavy-goods vehicles in the variation of road charges based on vehicles’ CO2 emissions.

The EU revised road charging rules as adopted in 2022 sets out the obligation to vary charges for heavy-duty vehicles based on their CO2 emissions.  It includes a recital which called on the Commission to include the effect of trailers and semi-trailers on the CO2 emissions of heavy goods vehicle combinations when determining the reduction of road charges once technically feasible. The proposal would allow Member States to modulate road charges according to the efficiency ratio of trailers and semi-trailers. The Commission notes that trailers have a significant potential for reduction of CO2 emissions of heavy goods vehicle combinations and demand-oriented measure reducing operational costs of more energy-efficient trailers could incentivise their more rapid deployment.

The proposal will be discussed in the Parliament and the Council under the ordinary legislative procedure.

Source: European Commission