08 September 2023


On 1-2 September, a European Commission team of experts conducted a visit to Romania to discuss strategies for enhancing the capacity of the Danube corridor. The purpose of the visit was to demonstrate the EU’s support for Romania, acknowledging authorities’ and stakeholders’ ongoing efforts and strengthen the Solidarity Lanes.

The Commission established a Joint Coordination Platform on Ukraine exports, working closely with countries such as Romania, Moldova and Ukraine to facilitate the flow of goods to and from Ukraine through the Solidarity Lanes. This initiative aims to enable Ukraine to export grain through the EU as an alternative to the Black Sea ports, following Russia's withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

The team of experts visited various port facilities and met with key stakeholders, including authorities, operators, transporters and traders. The discussions centred mainly on strategies to address bottlenecks, expand handling capacity, improve transit, and streamline procedures and controls. In Galați, situated in eastern Romania, they held meetings with representatives of the Danube River Administration and Galați port authorities. In Constanța, a coastal city on the Black Sea in the southeast of the country, they met with representatives of the Romanian Government, the Constanța Port Authority, and Customs representatives.

Source: European Commission