10 November 2023


The WCO reported this week that during the virtual joint session of the Administrative Committee for the Istanbul Convention and the ATA Convention on 2nd November 2023, delegates from over 60 Contracting Parties took significant strides towards digitalising the Carnet system for temporary admission of goods. The WCO accentuated the importance of evolving trade practices in response to the dynamic global trading landscape. The assembly endorsed a timeline targeting a complete digital transition by 2027, reflecting a strong commitment to advancing trade facilitation.

The meetings highlighted the progression of the e-ATA Pilot Project and the collaborative efforts towards this digital transformation. The UK and Switzerland's experiences with the first fully digital e-ATA transactions were shared as a benchmark for future endeavours. Issues pertaining to the interpretation of the Convention were also discussed, alongside the examination of the Istanbul Convention Handbook's updated draft. The agenda for the next meeting in Fall 2024 is set to further cement the move towards a streamlined, digital Carnet system.

Source: WCO