26 November 2021


On 22 November, CLECAT’s Supply Chain Security Institute met virtually to discuss developments in the area of land transport-, aviation-, and cybersecurity.

The Institute discussed developments in cargo crime, as well as the potential for a reporting and monitoring scheme at EU level, and received a presentation by TT Club on developments in the area. Members also discussed and welcomed the final draft of the Delegated Act on Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs), to which CLECAT contributed significantly during the drafting process in the European Commission’s Expert Group on SSTPAS.

In the area of air cargo security, discussions were held on the state of play of EU aviation security legislation and the way forward, as well as CLECAT efforts to ensure the freight forwarding industry’s preparedness for Release 2 of the Import Control System 2.0 (ICS2) for air cargo general in 2023.

In the area of cybersecurity, the focus was placed on the developments in the ongoing revision of the Directive concerning measures for a high common level of security of network and information systems across the Union (NIS2). CLECAT maintains its position, welcoming that the NIS2 aims at ending the current fragmentation and patchwork of national legislation under the NIS Directive and achieving a level playing field. However, CLECAT warns that its scope, covering all entities which do not fall under the de minimis exception for being small or micro, must be urgently re-considered as it is too broad and thereby covers entities which are not – and should in no way be considered – critical entities. Whilst CLECAT promotes a high level of cybersecurity for all entities in the EU, we emphasise that if this unreasonable scope is not addressed by the co-legislators, the NIS2 will place undue burdens on companies which are not critical for the EU economy and should thus not be covered by the Directive.