22 April 2022


The CLECAT Road Logistics Institute met on 20 April to exchange views on developments affecting road transport and logistics at national and EU level. Members discussed the impact of the war in Ukraine on road transport, the practical implementation of the new rules introduced by the Mobility Package I and the political developments related to the Fit for 55 Package.

Members discussed the specificities of the EU ban on Russian and Belarussian road transport undertakings from transporting goods in the EU, with some exceptions, and how this impacts on freight forwarders’ operations.

Members received an update on the national implementation of the new EU rules on social & market access for road haulage, including the posting of drivers and new rules on cabotage. It was acknowledged that several Member States have not yet transposed the Directive into their national law, undermining the objectives of the Mobility Package and bringing uncertainty to transport operators which are seeking to comply with the new rules. CLECAT has called for clear links from the European Commission on its website to ensure that information to freight forwarders, operators and drivers is accessible, structured, and available in several EU languages.

Finally, members discussed the latest developments in the European Parliament with regards to proposal for an ETS for road transport and the AFIR proposal. CLECAT regrets that the amendments which are currently debated in the ENVI committee on the ETS proposal do not include provisions on the ringfencing of ETS revenues for the uptake of low and zero-emission carbon fuels and related infrastructure. CLECAT will continue to call on MEPs to include this provision in the final report which will be adopted in May.