01 July 2022


On 24 June, the WCO Council endorsed the revised versions of the Framework of Standards on Cross-Border E-Commerce (E-Commerce FoS) and the Technical Specifications to the FoS resulting from the first periodic review of the Framework and the tools that support its implementation and form part of the WCO E-Commerce Package.

The periodic review initiated in January 2021, confirmed the relevance of the key principles on which the E-Commerce FoS is based, namely: Advance Electronic Data and Risk Management; Facilitation and Simplification; Fair and Efficient Revenue Collection; Safety and Security; Partnerships; Public Awareness, Outreach and Capacity Building; Measurement and Analysis; and Leveraging Transformative Technologies.

As a result of the review, a new standard on data quality has been included in the E-Commerce FoS, and reinforcing language has been inserted in the existing standards on risk management for facilitation and control, and advanced technologies and innovation. The technical specifications for these standards have also been expanded. Certain annexes to the Technical Specifications have been enhanced based on practices and experiences shared by Members.

The WCO Council also endorsed the 3rd edition of the Compendium of Case Studies on E-Commerce. Ten new case studies have been added to the Compendium bringing the total number of case studies to thirty-four. Other updates in the third edition include the addition to Section II of a reference table on the different revenue collection models, as well as updates by Members to some of the case studies provided for the previous editions of the Compendium.

Source: WCO