11 June 2021


The European Commission has decided on 9 June to refer Denmark to the Court of Justice of the European Union for failing to lift its restrictions on lorry parking. Denmark has been limiting the period for which lorries can park in state-owned rest areas to a maximum of 25 hours since July 2018.

The Commission considers that the Danish measure restricts the freedom to provide services as guaranteed by EU road transport legislation, by creating barriers to foreign hauliers carrying out international operations. Since these hauliers do not have an operating centre in the country, they need parking space to carry out their activities and to comply with EU obligations on driving and rest times. The restriction on lorry parking makes compliance with those obligation more difficult.

Danish authorities explained during an exchange of letters with the Commission that the restriction was taken in view of the general interest (notably ‘ensuring orderly conditions at rest areas' or ‘addressing unlawful and hazardous parking'), but the Commission considers it inappropriate and unnecessary as such objectives could be reached by other means, without causing similar adverse effects.

Source: European Commission