10 July 2016

CLECAT presented its views on UCC during the XXXIII ALACAT Congress

On 7 June 2016, Steve Parker, President of CLECAT, expressed the views of the European freight forwarders on the UCC during the XXXIII ALACAT (Federation of National Associations of Freight Forwarders and International Logistics Operators in Latin America and the Caribbean) Congress held in Barcelona.

After having recalled the key issues and the new elements contained in the EU UCC, Mr Parker highlighted the main concerns identified by CLECAT and its members:

  • Pragmatic approach required by customs.
  • A realistic approach to the development and phased implementation of IT systems.
  • Trade to support customs in the greater use of risk assessment prior to the arrival of goods.
  • Centralised clearance – make it happen.
  • Use the transitional period to get clarity on:
    - 6 digit HS Code
    - Practical and useful Guidelines
    - The working of the Guarantee system