06 October 2020

FFF2020 - Session 3: Mobilising European Freight Forwarders to Take Action to Reduce Emissions (14.00-15.15h)

  • Preparing for the future to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of freight transport at times of crisis when customers aim for low prices and good service.
  • Supporting SMEs in their preparation for evolving customer demands and regulations – low emissions freight will be a reality in a few years!
  • Benefits for early adopters: what can you do to become a leader and use climate commitments and action as a value proposition to customers (and policy makers).
  • Learning from peers.


  • Sophie Punte, Executive Director, Smart Freight Centre  
  • Dr. Dustin Schöder, Corporate Programs & Project Management, Deutsche Bahn AG
  • Graham Major-Ex, Head of Green Revenue, Sennder 
  • Astrid Schlewing, Head of Sector Logistics, DG MOVE