12 September 2017

MOST FRANCE - 25-28 November

The Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping (2E3S.eu) organises a new edition of MOST FRANCE, a professional training on logistics and intermodal transport

(25th– 28th Nov. 2017)

Right after the Freight Forwarders Forum organised by CLECAT in Barcelona on the 24th Novembre, the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping organises the course MOST France with the collaboration of the Bureau de Promotion du Shortsea Shipping and the Cluster Maritime Français. The MOST France is a training course for professionals exclusively for the French-speaking logistics and intermodal transport sectors.

2017 edition, the fourth in a row, will last 4 days and take place aboard a Grimaldi Lines Ro-Pax ship. The leading shipping line guarantees regular short sea shipping service between the Port of Barcelona and the Italian peninsula.

The training’s contents were specially designed for certain professional profiles: logistics operators, freight forwarders, shipping agents, port authorities and other relevant institutions for maritime intermodal transport. The course wants to provide the participants with some key elements to create efficient supply chains, by integrating the Motorways of the Sea as a more sustainable alternative to road transport and as an essential intermodal element.

The course offers lectures covering all theoretical aspects related to intermodal transport but also practical workshops and visits providing a first-hand experience of intermodal operations. The Escola invites the participants to take advantage of the event to expand their network of professionals and experts of the national sector. This is what makes the course a unique experience, as a 2016 alumna states: “I am very impressed, in a good way, by the dedication and the professionalism showed by the Escola’s team. They are very competent, deeply engaged and very friendly.”

Experts and professionals of the French and the Spanish sectors are in charge of the training. This ensures some high level educational contents for the participants. The teaching staff is composed by representatives of companies and institutions directly involved in short sea shipping in both countries.


Please check the complete training offer for professionals proposed by the Escola here: www.2e3s.eu/training-centre/courses-for-professionals/

Link to the promoting video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJIzCYvXZ1Y

About the Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping – 2E3S.eu

The Escola Europea de Short Sea Shipping - 2E3S.eu - is a European training centre and a reference for intermodal transport and logistics. Its main goal is to promote intermodal transport as the basis for sustainable logistics in Europe through innovative courses. 

The organisation focuses its activities on three main areas: Project Office and Innovation, Training and Communication, Knowledge and Research. 

The Escola started its activities in 2006 as a training centre for European professionals and students of logistics, transport management and international commerce. Years later, it gained experience and know-how in the areas of administration of national and international projects, communication, content creation, and promotion and development of logistics’ clusters in collaboration with acknowledged European institutions. 

For further information about the Escola please visit www.2e3s.eu or write to: info@2e3s.eu.

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