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CLECAT - the Voice of Freight Forwarding and Logistics

CLECAT, the European organisation for Freight forwarding and logistics, represents the vast majority of freight forwarders and customs agents in Europe.

Established in 1958 in Antwerp, we have a long experience of acting as the 'eyes and ears' for our member' organisations in respect of EU legislation. Equally we are the spokes-piece of freight forwarders and logistics in Brussels. We gather information on current and future EU policy developments and bring this back to our members and directly lobby for their positions vis-à-vis the European institutions.

CLECAT can help you keep up with new proposals that could affect your business, give you a voice in the decisions that may affect your business, and help you keep one step ahead of developments.

Why join?

European legislation is here to stay and will become more and more important as the EU and the Single Market expand affecting the trading environment and competitiveness of European business. EU policy can represent both threats and opportunities to your business and therefore it is better to stay ahead of this and to ensure that business risks are minimised because of unwelcome legislation.

You will receive the following benefits from membership:

First hand involvement

Membership will provide you with the benefit of being informed very early in the decision-making process of policy initiatives. We have access to many meetings of the European Commission, European Parliament and Member States, without forgetting consultative bodies such as the Committee of the Regions and the European Economic and Social Committee. Through these direct contacts we inform the policy makers and politicians of the views of the freight forwarding and logistics industry. We also facilitate meetings with policy makers and MEPs for our members, if they have specific questions or concerns.

First hand information

EU policy is directly impacting on the operational business environment in which freight forwarders and logistics companies operate. CLECAT provides regular updates on policy initiatives and legislative proposals complemented with detailed reports and in-depth analysis in areas of

  • air freight
  • sea freight (short sea and deep sea)
  • inland transport including road, rail and Inland waterways
  • environment and sustainable logistics
  • supply chain security
  • customs and trade facilitation

Influencing policy Making

Membership will provide you with the possibility to participate in the working bodies in CLECAT where decisions in key policy area are being made.


CLECAT provides a unique forum to network with associations and companies from across Europe and beyond through the events it organises such as the annual Freight Forwarders' Day and seminars on specific topics of importance to the industry.


CLECAT has a multi-lingual staff and consists of logistics practitioners, industry experts, lawyers and social scientists to give a wide spectrum of knowledge and across-the-board approach to tackle the problems or opportunities at hand.

Our offices are strategically located close to the European Institutions and the World Customs Organisation (WCO), which allows easy access to meetings and information.

Through FIATA, representing freight forwarders and logistic operators world-wide, we are active in numerous international governmental and non-governmental organisations including: OECD, UNECE, the International Transport Forum, WTO and the World Customs Organisation. CLECAT is a member of the EU Customs Trade High-Level Dialogue and the technical Customs Trade Contact Group. CLECAT is in liaison with technical committees of the Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN).

CLECAT regularly liaises with a wide variety of other transport industry representative groups such as: shippers (ESC), shipowners (ECSA, WSC), ports (ESPO), express operators (EEA), intermodal/combined transport operators (UIRR), airlines (AEA) and railways (CER, ERFA).

More information

If you are interested in our services and are considering becoming a member, we would be pleased to provide you with more detailed information on how CLECAT works and how your organisation or company can benefit from our expertise.   There are various levels of memberships.

  • Full members: national organisations of EU Member States
  • Associated members: national organisations of countries applying for EU membership
  • Observer members: national organisations of countries which are neither member nor applicant countries.
  • Related members: bodies, entities, companies, associations or private persons that are related with, or interested in freight-forwarding, Customs, logistics and transport in all modes.

For further information, please contact:

Nicolette van der Jagt
Director General

Rue du Commerce 77
B-1040 Brussels

Tel.: +32 2503 4705
Fax: +32 2503 47 52
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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